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What’s on in Kent? Plan your visit to the Garden of England

Posted on by sarah

Kent has a range of spectacular options to visit and enjoy during your stay in the area as well as the unspoilt countryside which defines the county’s heritage. Not just Canterbury with its iconic Cathedral, wonderful gardens and historic buildings, but also the Historic Dockyard at Chatham, Dover Castle, Hever Castle and the internationally acclaimed Turner Contemporary gallery are just a select few of the visitor attractions held by the county. Please follow this link for assistance in planning your visit to the garden of England, where an extensive list of attractions and event details are provided:

Canterbury Festival 15th October to 05th November 2016

Posted on by sarah

Canterbury Festival is an exciting annual celebration within the city which sees live public performances by local, national and international performers across multiple venues in the city but centred around the renowned Marlowe Theatre based two or three minutes’ walk from Canterbury Cathedral. The festival features performances of comedy, music, theatre, dance and more. For further details on performances and booking details please follow the link to their website:

Access statement

Posted on by sarah

Access Statement for Iffin Farmhouse Grounds and Accommodation



Iffin Farmhouse is located on Iffin Lane, a small country lane. Access into the main drive is sign posted by a high level swinging sign board. The drive opens out on to a paddock and has two Cattle grids, one at each end of the drive. On foot access is possible via gates either side of the cattle grids.

The drive is approximately 80m and opens up on to a gravel Car park. For disabled access there is a tarmac parking bay with ramp that leads to our other disabled facilities. The entrance to this facility is just 15m from the car park.

From the car park there is a gravel path down the side of the Barn (follow entrance signs) approximately 30m. At the end of the gravel path is a single step on the left hand side with a drop of 18cm (also with a wooden ramp), follow this path 25m to the front door. There are two wooden doors. The one on the right hand side is the main house where you will be greeted and shown to your room. All paths are well lit with motion sensor lights.

If you are unsure please call the farmhouse and someone will be happy to meet you on the drive.


The breakfast room

The breakfast room is situated in the main house and can be accessed by two white framed glass doors by the front door and is approximately 45m squared. There is one step of 22cm then the room veers to the right. There is one large table 120cm by 340cm and two smaller tables with the addition of a table at the side with cereals, yoghurts and fruit. At the back of the dining room there is a living room area that is publicly available to all guests. A toilet room can be found at the rear of the property on the ground floor. It is easily accessed through the cloak room and has just a toilet and a sink.

The barn- disabled access

The barn is located next to the car park and can be accessed via a tarmac path leading to a flat paved path. Double doors for wheelchair users or families with push chairs can be easily opened using the clasps at the top and bottom of the adjacent door. There is a small lip of 2cm over the threshold but ramps are available if this is problematic. Once inside this is a one storey barn conversion (54 square meters) with a fully working kitchen with adjustable work surfaces for wheelchair users, a wet room with built in shower chair and hand rails, extra wide doors and walk ways and a double bed of height 53cm. There is also an assist alarm in the bathroom which is connected to the main house in case of emergency and a bell in the bedroom to alert people if there is a problem. If access to the breakfast room is not possible then breakfast can be brought to the barn unit on request. Access to the breakfast room is possible by following the paving along the side of the barn which carries on all the way to the main house.




Barn 2

Barn two is located in the middle of the barn conversion which is a single storey unit, accessible via the paved pathway that follows on from the access to Barn one. The main entrance to barn two is accessed via a single door that sits on a step of approximately 25cm which opens into the main living area.

The barn unit is approximately 54m squared and has one wide corridor to access the one bedroom and bathroom that is contained within the unit. The bath/ shower unit is fitted with a suction door that allows the user to get in and out with ease but to also fill the bath. There is two outward opening doors in the bedroom which lead to a shared conservatory area which itself has outward folding doors to the paved pathway outside. The conservatory can also be accessed by two outward folding side doors in the main living area.

The dining room can be accessed via the paved pathway past Barn unit 1 and down towards to the main house- following the entrance sign on the five bar gate.


Orchard Pickers Cottage (studio apartment)

The Orchard Pickers Cottage is at the end of the garden by the car park. It is accessible via an uphill winding pathway through the garden. Approximately 50m walk from the car park. 100m walk from the main house and breakfast room. It has a small lip through the door of 3cm, the rest is all one level. The cottage is small (21m squared) has a basic kitchenette (190cm by 170cm) with oven and grill, microwave, sink, kettle and crockery. There is a small wet room with toilet, sink and shower (150cm by 130cm). The king sized bed sits in the middle of the cottage with a wood burning stove at the foot of the bed, there is a small walk way between the end of the bed and wood burner (35cm) which allows you to access the kitchenette and bathroom. There is also a reasonably sized summer house adjacent to the cottage which is accessible by three wooden steps and houses a sofa, chairs, a book case and a TV/ DVD player.


The annex

The annex houses two rooms, a standard en-suite double and a twin en-suite. It has a separate entrance to the main house which allows access to both rooms via a lobby. To access the annex there is one step of 17cm and a small lip on the door frame of 3cm. Both rooms are single storey and have two sets of fully opening windows overlooking the grounds. The twin room is 35m squared and has two single bed of height 65cm (twin beds can also be made into a Super king bed). The Double room is 25m squared and has 1 double bed of height 65cm.


The Blue room

The blue room is in the main farmhouse and is on the 1st floor. This can be accessed via the breakfast room going through the hallway and up the stairs. There is one step into the breakfast room which is 22cm and 14 stairs, each one 16cm. The room is 39m squared and has a king sized bed 65cm in height. This is an en-suite room with a spa bath- no shower, sink and toilet. The spa bath has one single step to assist with access and a bath mat is provided to prevent slipping on exit of the bath.

Please be aware that the farmhouse is approximately 80m from the car park and can be accessed via a loose gravel path. A trolley can usually be found in the car park for luggage and our staff are always on hand to help carry bags to your room.


Meal of the month

Posted on by sarah

Valentines Meals

So its that time of year again… and for many of us a great excuse to get away and celebrate with the ones we truely value most!

But why do we celebrate St Valentine, and who was he?

St Valentine was a priest back in the 2nd century (although not much is known about him and the actual year of his death is widely disputed) who rufesused to dennounce his faith after being caught marrying christian couples and converting people to Christianity. It is thought that at his trial he healed the judges daughter of her blindness and was let off. He was let free but after refusing to stop preaching he was then later beaten and beheaded on the 14th February for his crimes.  We celebrate this saint for his bravery and his belief in the Chrisitan Love between men and women.

So to help you along with your celebrations we are serving an extra special menu for this extra special occassion.

Vegetable lasagne with roasted vegetables, green salad and garlic bread.

Fillet steak with button mushrooms, red onion, vine ripened tomatoes and peas.

salmon steaks with mildly spicy salsa, samphire, baby new potatoes and veg.

With a selection of desserts, inclduing indulgent chocolate brownies- because we all know what chocolates good  for ;)


Animal disclaimer

Posted on by sarah

Please note that here at Iffin Farmhouse we have a variety of animals including dogs, cats, sheep, cows, ponies and chickens. While all of the animals are very tame, they are wild animals and can be unpredictable. Please treat them with respect and take note of barriers and fences- they are there for a reason.We will not take any responsibility for accidents that take place where boundaries have been crossed.

Please also let us know in advance of your stay if you have any allergies as these will be taken very seriously.

The dopey one

The dopey one

the grumpy one

the grumpy one

Meal of the month

Posted on by sarah

So to add a bit of fun to dining out we are introducing themed meals for different events throughout the year.

This January brings us Burns night, the celebration of a famous Scottish Poet that brought us some of the most well known love sonnets. His birthday, on the 25th January means a feast of much loved Scottish food and whiskey.

So this January when you book in to Iffin Farmhouse, you can choose to enjoy a themed supper of haggis, clapshot mash with a delicious whiskey sauce, followed by a very tradditional fruit pudding by the name of the clootie pudding served with a free shot of single malt whiskey.


burns night 1 burns night2 burns night 3

Whole house hire

Posted on by sarah

For big family or friendly events we are offering a package deal to hire out Iffin Farmhouse accommodation and use of our stunning dining/ conference room for £870 per night with additional nights being charged at an extra £642. With 3 double rooms, 2 barn apartments and our little orchard Pickers cottage we can accommodate up to 16 people (including children)

Meals can be added from £25.90-£34.90 depending on dates and the requirements of your meal (all dietry requirements catered for). We guarantee that with the family friendly surroundings and great facilities your stay will be one to remember- no hidden charges just what you see is what you get.

With personal touches and plenty of space- make our home, your home. Available all year round excluding 24th, 25th and 26th December.

Home from Home

Home from Home

Delicious home made meals served in our dining room

Delicious home made meals served in our dining room

Call us directly for more information.

The sitting room

Posted on by sarah

We have now opened up our sitting room for guests to enjoy. Indulge in a drink before or after supper of just come over for a relaxing place to unwind and have a little something from our honesty bar.

decanter lounge 2

Laundry service

Posted on by sarah

Laundry service is available at £5 per load, washed and air dried.

£8.50 per load washed and tumble dried.

The newest members of the Iffin Family

Posted on by sarah

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our newwest guests… A bag of food is £1 which you can purchase when you arrive to feed the cows and sheep. Please ask for assistance though as they are still very new and are still getting used to lots of people.

Mummy Jocab ewe Bramley, and her two lambs Jazz and Pippin

Mummy Jocab ewe and her two lambs Jazz and Pippin


Maisy came to us at 10 weeks old when her new home just didnt work out.


Marmite, more subdued of the two dexter cows who came to us from Chilham to help us keep the grass mowed


Marmalade, the boss!


Tabitha, who even knows how we ended with this one!

Rosie Posie

Mummy’s little girl. We still dont know how old Rosie is, she came to us when a friend called to say she had been abandoned and needed a new home- waifs and strays need only apply!