Royal Military Canal

Great Walk – off the lead stuff and lots to sniff!

We took Grandad, who is 85 next week and not too good on his pins but as it is all on the level it kept us all happy. Looked as though they were working on the cycle path but seemed to be on their lunch break as not much activity.

We started from West Hythe and mooched along on what apparently was the sea bed in Roman times! We could see on one side the left overs of Portus Lemanus (sounds a bit like a monkey drink to me).

Anyway this bit of water was dug by hand (so they say) 28 miles of it! Needless to say we didn’t walk all the way. Of course I would have done but you know what its like! When Grandad’s not with us we usually walk to the pub in Burmarsh, The Shepherd and Crook (never met either of them – I have my thoughts it’s all talk after pints of real ale). Some times we park at the top of the hill and walk down past Port Lympne Zoo (that was quite scarey once – who’d a thought you’d fine a giraffe in Kent! It must take an aweful long time to knit one of them a scarf!)

Sometimes I have been known to go for a dip in the canal – have to choose your moment though cos some of those men that sit like gnomes in the garden along the edge can get a bit upset if you stir up the water!

Good trip out though and only takes us 20 mins in the car from home. All in a straight line too, the other end of Stone street to where we live.

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